It´s not what you want but, how bad you want it.

Hey you! Yeah you! Come here… let me tell you my story. I’m Funky Matas. Although I was born Jorge Matas, I quickly was nicknamed Funky for my “wild” and “out of the ordinary” behavior. I was born on September 2nd, 1987 in Caracas, Venezuela. When I was only six years of age I moved to the U.S. Now that I think about it, I’ve moved quite a bit throughout my life. And for this reason I’ve been somewhat of a loner.

Ever since I can remember I have done things differently. (Sorry I have to pee, I’ll be right back…) (Ok I’m back.) I always looked for a third option to every scenario. A weird way to do things. And that behavior immediately made me stick out like a sore thumb. I rapidly became the class clown and was always looked to for entertainment. My shenanigans have gotten me into all sorts of predicaments anywhere from surviving a hurricane tied to a tree or climbing the Hollywood sign, to jumping in an aquarium full of sharks.

Since I grew up with two very creative parents, I naturally had (and still do) a love for art. That, mixed with my unconventional ways, charisma and perseverance, lead me into the world of tattoos. So… what happened next? You guessed it! I practiced my craft so much that I got sponsored by the World’s first wireless tattoo machine and then I proceeded to brake a World Record. The World Record for “Most Signatures Tattooed On One’s Back”. Since the beginning of this project, I have worked with tons of artists, celebrities, actors and childhood hero’s. People like Kevin Hart, Tony Hawk and even Stan Lee. I also studied music in L.A. school Musician’s Institute before getting kicked out. Side note: I’ve been banned from a few places. Like Las Vegas, a Mall in Miami and Captiva island by Florida, just to name a few. Anyways…

I play the drums. I later went on to work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers in their music video “Tell Me Baby”. You should go check it out! I’m the guy jumping around in the diapers. I was also into acting and would land some side gigs every once in a while. KFC commercial here. In a movie with Andy Dick there. But one day… MY WHOLE WORLD changed! It was the day that I discovered social media. I had finally found a way to express myself with absolutely no limits. A way to get all of my creativity out without barriers. And since that day I’ve been trying to create as much happiness and laughter and positive vibes to all of my followers. To my Funkaholics! I LOVE YOU FUNKAHOLICS! I know I will continue to create because it’s what makes me happy. It makes me happy to make you happy. It is what fuels me. I now know that I am here on Earth to create happiness. And to inspire others through my wild, different and unconventional ways. I truly believe that anything is possible and absolutely NO ONE can stand in your way. I stand by the phrase “It’s not what you want but, how bad you want it”. I know for a fact that some people see me as crazy and immature but, the people that really know me, know that I stand for good, positivity, creating, inspiring, giving but, most of all… love.